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1. The Party has accumulated vast experience of over 100 years in the field of ideological–political struggle and intervention in the workers’­­–people's struggles. This experience was more effectively and substantially crystallized in the past 30 years, when the KKE for the first time since its founding in 1918, relying on its own forces, struggled to preserve its communist identity. It had to regroup, reorganize, and further develop itself, in conditions of the complete victory of the counter-revolution in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the USSR, i.e. the first workers' state in the 20th century. The KKE struggled for its revolutionary programmatic and organizational regroupment, the formation of militant groups and cells[1] in the labour–trade union movement and other social movements, which, had been either fully integrated into the system or dissolved.

The KKE has a strong historical legacy. The continuity of experience was preserved; the Party managed to endure, get back on its feet, and take steps forward in the study and development of theory, the elaboration of revolutionary strategy in the new ever-changing conditions of the 21st century, studying more thoroughly and utilizing the accumulated experience of its 102 years.

It elaborated its Programme. It enriched its programmatic conceptions of socialism– communism. It studied and drew conclusions from the course of socialist construction, focusing mainly on the USSR, and identified the causes of the counter-revolutionary overthrow. It attempted and is still attempting to extend its ideological–political influence on the people. It has been developing its activity in the international communist, labour, and anti-imperialist movement, it seeks to open up new ways.

The experience of these past 30 years is valuable, in many aspects. That is why its study and integration in the daily work of the whole Party, especially today that younger generations have joined and continue to join the revolutionary class struggle, is an irreplaceable condition for the Party's vast multifaceted strengthening, at least to the extent that it bears the historical subjective responsibility for the working class and the people in our country, also marked by the impact on and the interrelation with the communist and labour movement in our region, Europe and internationally.

The existence of a vanguard Programme and elaborations, with positions that are continuously being enriched based on the contemporary developments and the experience of the revolutionary class struggle, is an important precondition for the ideological–political–organizational unity and effective strengthening of the Party. The experience from our organizational regroupment during the past 30 years has been based on the effort to creatively implement the Leninist conception of the Party of a new type, i.e. the Communist Party. It was based on its positive and negative experience from its activity in conditions of illegality or legality etc. However, it was not made possible to comprehensively combine the persistent effort for the restoration of the revolutionary character of the Party with the thorough study of issues of political guidance and the quality of the Party's ties with the workers'–people's forces under the new and, to a great extent, unprecedented conditions.

Our Programmatic and Statutory Congress in 2013, highlighted the issues of Party building and the strengthening of the Party, the leading staff, the Party Base Organizations (PBOs), and the KNE as a key issue and precondition in order for the Party to honour its commitment to its revolutionary task, to become what we called “all-weather” Party.

8 years have passed since the 19th Congress with the new deployment of party forces, following the adoption of the new Statute, and 4 years since the 20th Congress, where we identified issues in the political guidance work and approved proposals and a long-term planning for its enhancement. The time is enough to examine the actual situation of the Party, the progress in the achievement of our goals, and to evaluate the accumulated positive or negative experience.

[1]  The term “cells” does not refer to Party Base Organizations (PBOs), but to a group consisting of party members and other workers who organize a vanguard and coordinated activity in a workplace for the development of the struggle and the strengthening of class struggle.