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Let the pandemic be the starting point for an overthrowing course for the benefit of the people

The government's legislative package concerning the coronavirus was adopted by the plenary of the Greek Parliament on April 2nd. It generously offered a multitude of new privileges to business groups, the "slaughter" of remaining labor rights and some half-measures for the pandemic, which are a drop in the ocean in relation to the huge gaps in the collapsed public health system.


The KKE voted against the various anti-labor measures included in it. The KKE MPs have highlighted their dangerous content concerning labor rights, as well as the overall inadequacy of the ND government's measures against the pandemic. The KKE demanded that none of the anti-labor measures be implemented and called on the people to raise the flag of demands with a view to overturning this barbaric anti-popular policy.


Speaking from the floor of the Parliament, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, denounced the governments of both the ND and the former social democratic SYRIZA for dismantling the public health system in favor of the private sector, which has expanded during the past years, due to the commercialization policy of Health, promoted by the EU.


The GS of the CC of the KKE denounced the government's anti-popular measures, as well as the pursuit of a trade union ban, on the pretext of the pandemic. He demanded immediate measures to boost the income of the popular strata and submitted the KKE's comprehensive proposal to immediately strengthen the public health system and protect workers' lives in factories and other workplaces.


Referring to the struggle taking place within the EU to manage the crisis with Keynesian-type state intervention measures, which both ND's liberals and SYRIZA's social democrats endorse in Greece, he noted that these measures are being taken to support the capitalist crisis. He underlined that the workers will have to pay again, as they will be called to fill the new fiscal gaps and new lending created either by the Eurobond or the Coronabond. He noted that in the EU, which is an imperialist capitalist union of states, there can be no "solidarity" because it is not a union in the interest of the peoples.


The GS of the CC of the KKE concluded his speech by saying: "Hope lies only in the awakening of the only true superpower, which is the people themselves. Let the pandemic be the starting point for an overall overthrowing course for the benefit of the peoples".