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Big concert of KNE in solidarity with Palestine

On Monday 4 December, thousands of young people and people of all ages united their voices in thebigsolidarity concert with the suffering and heroic people of Palestine, organized by KNE in Athens.

The Secretary of the CC of KNE, Thodoris Kotsandis, gave the welcome speech while the concert was attended by a large delegation of the Palestinian Embassy in Greece.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, also attended the concertand made the following statement:

“We join our voice with the people all over Greece, with the peoples and the youth all over Europe and the world. We shout out loud ‘Free Palestine’! We demand that the carnage of war and the attack by the murderous state of Israel, which targets civilians, women and children in Gaza and in all Palestinian territories, be stopped immediately. We demand an end to the occupation and a free, independent Palestinian state. This is the peoples’ urgent demand.”