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27. The CC bears the responsibility to orient and assist the Regional Committees and Sectoral organs in preparing the PBO assemblies so that they monitor their work and decisions in a lively, creative and practical manner. Only in this way will the need arise to buy Rizospastis, KOMEP, and political–historical–literary books; to combine theoretical and practical activity; to continuously upgrade the PBO’s guiding role in its area of responsibility. We must more decisively address a variance in the PBOs, from a theoretical discussion on general issues or the ideological courses to a routine assembly with an agenda of events and a list of tasks that are usually drawn up by the above organs.

A large number of PBOs have formed an incomplete picture of the issues that the Sector they belong to is promoting, resolving, planning, and facing. Moreover, there is limited insight on the part of the area-based organizations about issues of the sectoral organizations' activity, even though similar workplaces exist within their area of responsibility. Conversely, the same applies to sectoral organizations, which ignore the experience and conclusions drawn from the struggle on fronts such as health, education, the environment, etc.

The CC is not as demanding as it should be —above all from itself— concerning the PBOs' operation; not because it guides them directly but as a matter of correct, creative and effective political guidance of the lower organs. The same applies to the CC of the KNE in relation to the BOs of the KNE.

Most PBOs and BOs do not discuss the experience and problems they face regarding the fronts of struggle in their area of responsibility. The discussion about tasks is unconnected or not adequately combined with the necessary generalization of positive or negative experience, the way strategy is specialized, and the corresponding concern on how we must take action. Such an orientation requires that each PBO establishes its own plan of activity for the concentration of forces around the Party and its policy, makes its own contribution to the regroupment of the labour–trade union movement and the promotion of the social alliance, bears its special responsibility to win the youth over to the revolutionary struggle. Such a plan demands a good knowledge of the PBO's area of responsibility, comprehensive monitoring of the ideological–political struggle, effective utilization of all the Party and KNE forces and reserves, the utilization of current affairs as a chance to monitor the PBO's work and not to thwart its planning.