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43.During the previous years, the attempt of the Party and KNE to intervene in junior and senior high school students brought back to light the difficulties deriving from the persistent and profound formation and moral shaping of the new generation by the system, beginning at an increasingly young age. During the last years, in fact, capitalist power has intensified its intervention through various means. A series of targeted activities have multiplied and are very thoroughly designed in the form of games, seminars etc. Schools are playing a key role with the prevailing educative principles and the content of schoolbooks, along with programmes by the EU, foreign embassies, municipalities, the Church (“katichitiko” – Christian lessons) as well as other mechanisms such as scouting groups or via the Internet, social media, television, etc.

To deal with this, an Intersectional Committee of the Central Committee was formed, concerning the younger age groups of the youth and aiming to collectively intervene as a Party in the formation of children at a younger age, i.e. before the age of becoming a member of KNE, which, based on its Statute, is at the age of 14. During the period after the previous Congress, emphasis was put on the need for the Party forces to realize the importance of this intervention and, on the other hand, on the elaboration of the content of this intervention; this goal was achieved through elaborating the “Kokkino Aerostato”, other publications, activities held by area-based Organizations, as well as central initiatives (children’s camp, venues in the Festival etc), promoting children’s interacting with the magazine, their formation on progressive, radical values and principles. We recognize and utilize the power given by the group of peers and of a younger role model, which, during the phase of pre-adolescence and adolescence play now a very dynamic role.

For the following years, our goal has to be that this intervention in younger age groups becomes more organized and persistent, that it gains more solid basis and stable characteristics; that it embraces even more children through the operation of children groups in municipalities and cities, with the support of the Party and KNE; that such initiatives are supported and multiplied at the level of the movement (by trade unions, women associations, Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace–EEDYE, etc.). We should continue the effort to publish special content for these ages, through modern forms of pervasiveness and elaborated–adapted projection of messages.

This effort can be reflected in the development of the KNE in junior high schools and the improvement in the quality of the operation and content of school BOs’ life and action.