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9.The 21st Congress will elaborate the main issue of demonstrating more clearly to the broad workers'–popular forces the distinct role of the KKE as a strong organized ideological–political workers'–people's vanguard, a vehicle of new ideas of revolutionary social perspective, a response to the major issues that have accumulated and persistently demand to be resolved in the 21st century. This requires a qualitatively advanced level of political guidance, an ideological–political and educational upgrade of the whole Party, from the CC to the PBOs, from the CC of the KNE to the BOs.

A key issue here is that political guidance and activity begin from strategy. This means that it is necessary to specialize the strategy in each phase and in the daily struggle, as we successfully did to a large extent in the period of the previous capitalist crisis, the weak recovery of the economy and today with the new crisis that was accelerated and deteriorated by the coronavirus pandemic. In this framework, we can draw experience and knowledge that must be collectively assimilated at all levels. We can especially utilize the experience from the question of highlighting contemporary popular needs —an issue emphasized at the 20th Congress—, which paves the way for the anti-capitalist and anti-monopoly direction of the struggle, opens up the discussion for the necessity of the struggle of the working class for its own power. The topics elaborated in the Conference on the urban self-employed and in the Extended Plenum on the toiling farmers can also contribute in this respect. The elaborations and demands that we put forward in pandemic conditions for the requisition of the private health sector, etc. help to reveal the character of the capitalist system, to stimulate reflection on the necessity of the socialization of the concentrated means of production, the land and the central planning proposed by the KKE as a basic element of another, higher level of society organization.


10. We must improve our political guidance work in the ideological–political–mass struggle of the working class and its allies, assimilating the laws of capitalism. In this way, we will overcome known weaknesses, that is, sometimes artificially linking the demands of daily struggle to the prospect, ending up with a slogan “for workers' power” and sometimes unwittingly cultivating perceptions that there could be solutions–“islands of socialism” within capitalism, an issue that leads to the support of a government, as a so called lesser evil, for the concession of some temporary measures.

This does not negate the fact that we struggle under difficult conditions to attain even some relief measures for the people, depending on the development of the correlation of forces and the class struggle. The correct ideological–political outline of these issues, and even more so their discussion within the organs, the PBOs and the Party Groups in mass organizations is not a waste of time but a process to clear up confusions. It must be overall realized that the struggle within capitalism and, in fact, in conditions of the counter-revolution's victory and the retreat of the movement, where the overthrow of the strategic choices of capitalism is unrealistic without being preceded by the formation of the preconditions for revolutionary situation, has special requirements. At the same time, without any sign of fatalism, we must show that a sharp rise of the class struggle could cause difficulties to the system, thus the labour movement could delay or prevent unpopular choices, or could achieve some small gains, as a small step forward to the rise of the class struggle until the general counter-attack. Our strategy, therefore, also concerns daily life and the struggle for various immediate problems. This struggle must be permeated by our standards in relation to political guidance, i.e. the need for the struggle for power without “transitional stages” or participation in governments within capitalism, which are critical issues of our strategy and Programme, based on our 100 years of experience.