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28. The fact that our Party has proceeded with theoretical–ideological elaborations that have not been assimilated by members or even many cadres, renders necessary the content of these elaborations to permeate the operation of the Party and KNE organs and organizations.

This lack of assimilation does not mean that theoretical work must been given secondary importance for the time being. Theoretical requirements are determined, after all, by social mobility itself, which never ceases.

Whatever we have achieved concerning the study of the transition from capitalism to socialism–communism is just the base. Therefore, this effort requires continuity by each Section, inter-sectionally, and by the CC itself. This refers to all the issues concerning the base and the superstructure. It pertains to social issues, issues of the socialist economy, the foreign policy of the socialist state, the International Communist Movement, the role and structure of the Party, the Party’s principles of operation, mass organizations, and the state.

At the same time, knowledge is required together with the utilization of the Party decisions and elaborations, as well as the improvement of the ideological–political struggle, so that the tackling of the anti-socialist and anti-communist slanderous attack unleashed by the EU and bourgeois staff can be more successful.

In particular, the need for theoretical and ideological–political knowledge, its assimilation and ability to permeate all areas in terms of waging the struggle, concerns our student forces, educators, as well as our forces in the field of culture.

In addition, we maintain an idealized perception on many issues concerning the socialist construction in the 20th century, which co-exists with ignorance or confusion. Our historical research must be directly linked to the development of our all-round conception of the social–economic–political–cultural content of the new society, the communist one. This task cannot be put off for the future, after the revolution. It is directly linked to the current ideological–political struggle within capitalism, the interpretation of contemporary phenomena and developments in the international imperialist system and our country, as a base to form demands of struggle in mass movements in an anti-monopoly and anti-capitalist direction. Our historical research is also useful as a process of multifaceted class struggle even under the most difficult and unprecedented conditions, for the continuation of the activity and the regroupment of the vanguard; for raising consciousness among ever-broader labour–popular forces, depending on the conditions of struggle against all the bourgeois and opportunistic currents, including the extreme nationalist and fascist ones, the more obvious reformist social-democratic ones, and the more concealed anarcho-autonomous ones.