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The Anti-fascist Victory continues to inspire the peoples and to scare the capitalist states and the imperialist alliances

“The heroic struggle of the Red Army, the Soviet people and the resistance movements led by the communists in the capitalist states under occupation, reveal the insurmountable power of the organized people throughout time, and continue to inspire the workers’– people’s forces all over the world in their struggle against the imperialist war and the regime of class exploitation”, is stressed, among other things, in the Statement of the Press Office of the CC of the KKE on the occasion of the 79th anniversary of the Anti-fascist Victory.

The statement continues: “May 9 continues to highlight that the power possessed by the people, with the communists at the forefront, can defeat any imperialist coalition and domestic exploiter, andcan open the path to socialism–communism.

The KKE calls on every worker, toiling farmer, self-employed, young man and woman of the working class and the popular strata to show this strength in all battles —including the forthcoming European elections— in order to reinforce the KKE and the struggle for the meeting of contemporary workers’–people’s needs; against the EU and the power of the monopolies; for the disengagement from the EU, NATO and all imperialist unions;for the seizure of power and the economy, with the focus on the contemporary workers’–people’s needs and not on capitalist profit.

With a much stronger KKE, we break the shackles of the European Union, we pave the way for a pan-European workers’–people’s counter-attack, for a Greece and a Europe of workers, farmers and peoples; for a Greece and a Europe of socialism.”